Odette Stone


If you like hot, intelligent Alpha males for your hero lead in your story - than you've come to the right place!

Odette writes real, honest and intense romance novels. Odette's writing goal is to keep her readers up late at night, because they keep saying, "Just one more chapter, I'm just going to read one more chapter."

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My Fiancé's Brother Odette Stone

Emily is wrought with anxiety as she tries to plan her wedding without any help from her distracted fiancé, Matt. He invites Jackson, an old childhood friend to live with them. As Jackson gently befriends Emily, she realizes how lonely she has been. Why is Matt becoming increasingly erratic in his behavior and why is he so angry all the time? Emily is desperate to keep her carefully-planned future on track, while fighting her own feelings that this Navy SEAL arouses within her. A harmless little crush never hurt anyone....right? If you like to champion for the underdog, than this is the book for you.  Emily is shy, vulnerable and wears her heart on her sleeve. Jackson is a strong, protective man who shows his heart to no one. And Matt…well, he is a complete mess. Enjoy.