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The Interview (Discordant Earth Series 0.5) Melony Paradise

Just out of high school, Alyssa Rose has one lofty career goal. With all the assistance the aliens have provided to humanity, Alyssa wants to do her part to repay them, however she can. With an opening for Secretarial Intern, she must prove her worth against all the other women interviewing for the highly coveted position. The internship is one step closer to Kayn'Kara, the powerful (and gorgeous) Commander of the Szu'Kara. Will she nail the interview? Can Alyssa win this internship and get her foot in the door to work for the alien commander she's had a crush on for years? Previously titled as: "Alyssa Rose for Intern"


Broken (Sample) Melony Paradise

Shocked that her body plays host to a hybrid child, Alyssa Rose wonders if she is seeking a future she will never have. But when tragedy strikes, she realizes her future may not be the only thing in danger.