Meg Cowley


Meg is a fantasy author and illustrator who loves all things dragons and magic. She lives in Yorkshire, England with her husband and two cats Jet and Pixie.

She has always loved to write and draw, and been an avid reader since she first learned to read. Her favourite books have always been epic, noblebright fantasies with characters that step off the page, so that’s what she loves to write too. Her dream is to write books that transcend generations – and, of course, to have a home library of epic proportions.

Amongst other writing & illustration projects, Meg is currently working on her Morgana Chronicles series.

For writing snippets and to see behind the scenes, connect with her on social media.

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The First Crown: A Caledan Novelette Meg Cowley

It's easy to kill a man. It's hard to kill a dragon. Is it impossible to kill a god? Bahr, the god of Fire and War, is terrorising the land. Nothing can stand before him and Beren faces everything he loves being lost. After witnessing Bahr’s devastating power, Beren despairs, until the mysterious king of the Eldarkind offers him one glimmer of hope – but it comes at a cost. To have any chance, Beren must have faith, set aside his lifelong differences, and place his trust in the dragons who destroyed his home and family. Unless he does so, they are all doomed. As Bahr’s vengeful eye turns to their hostile alliance, their differences threaten to divide man, Eldarkind, and dragon. Can Beren forge the strongest allies from his bitterest enemies before Bahr destroys them all?