KM Paradice


KM Paradice is a prolific writer whose stories abound with the ageless conflict between good and evil and whose characters move freely from the confines of earth to unseen spiritual realms. Dreams merge with reality and time travel is a common occurrence as immortal characters interact freely with those who are earth-bound. An avid reader of the classics and especially of all things sci-fi, KM found at an early age the pleasures of immersing himself in the imaginary worlds of creative fiction.

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The Chronicles of the Sons of None - The Gathering Place KM Paradice

In this short story that takes place between Book One {Connor} and Book Two {Diana}, we experience firsthand the emotions of a couple of new saints who arrive in the fields of flowers. Two of the Immortals (Enoch and Eli) use the unusual circumstances of the lives of these new arrivals as the backdrop to compete in a tall tale contest. Meanwhile, we are given some Easter egg descriptions of things to come with the Family Bridges.


The Chronicles of the Sons of None - Connor KM Paradice

Imagine! Someone unlocks the secret location of the Garden of Eden, a secret as old as creation itself. Then imagine heaven-sent guardians who have guarded that secret since the time of the Fall. And, then imagine an elite cadre of Keepers who are enlisted to aid these heavenly beings. Meet the first Keeper in our series, Connor Bridges, whose adventures in book one open our story with a thrilling ride through time, space, and eternity. This rapid-paced thriller will rocket you with seamless ease from the throne of heaven, to Jerusalem, to the legendary island of Atlantis, and back as Connor, the Keeper, and Joshua, an immortal being temporarily inhabiting the form of a man, race to find the missing key before Joshua's time on earth comes to an end.