Kenneth Wick


I was born in a small town in Eastern Montana in the year 1950. Which makes me almost two years older than dirt. However my wife tells me I don't act a day over 14, which is just fine with me.

After high school, President Richard Nixon sent me a nice letter informing me the Army needed my services. I didn't have any services, but that didn't matter, they would train. They did and I became a medic. Which was good. I liked the job.

Upon return to Montana with honorable discharge in hand, I attended college and studied art. That was too much fun, so I bought a bunch of cows and took up farming. Lost a ton of money. Stupid cows never do what you tell'em. Found work in the oil patch to pay for the farming and cows, and have been paying for them ever since. Stupid cows.

The adventures in the oil industry provided many travels abroad. I worked in different countries meeting amazing people who shared their cultures with me. This Montana boy discovered the world is filled with beautiful folk. I spent a couple years in the jungles of eastern Ecuador, a few years in the Alaska northland and a couple stints in Siberia.  The last few years were back and forth in the Middle East. 

The idea for PROGENY'S PROMISE appeared while I wandered around Saudi Arabia scribbling thoughts to paper. I'd always wanted to write and wish I had started the journey much earlier in my life, but at 14 who thinks like that.

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PROGENY'S PROMISE, The Apocalypse Revelation Kenneth Wick

DOES A SENTIENT consciousness imbue all matter in the universe? With that thought, PROGENY's PROMISE begins with planet Earth, its biosphere beginning to fail, crying out to an ancient Galaxy Lord to save her children, humankind. Knowing few humans will survive the imminent destruction of the planet's biosphere, the Galaxy Lord offers sanctuary for chosen younglings off-world to ensure the future of the human race. But will the many sacrifice for the few? The story centers around a young mother, caught up in violence and fury as the world confronts the reality of Earth's impending death. As fear and outrage tears the world apart, trapping Jessica in the madness, she must fight to protect her three-year-old twin girls as humanity descends into anarchy and the apocalypse draws near...