KC Hunter


The writer and creator of the the YA Episodic Series The Brothers Locke and the anthology series The Immanent World.

KC Hunter has been a storyteller since he was twelve-years-old, and through various media during his life, been telling them ever since. He won a National Young Writers Award in 1994 and had several poems published in his teen years.

He later delved into music, live performance and interactive media development, but still continued to write through the early 2000s.

In 2008, he developed the concept of merging his skills at web design, multimedia development and writing into a new form of storytelling media: Electronic Media Entertainment. His goal is to expand the universe of a story from being confined to one medium (a book, a game, a graphic novel) into a multi-layered universe that encompasses a variety of media types.

He currently lives in Owings Mills, Maryland and is a member of various clubs in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.

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