Francheska Fifield


The first thing you should know about me is I am so bad at describing myself. I have been writing since my school days and reading since I was three so it naturally made sense to just self publish my works and try to get them out there. I enjoy reading, do adult coloring with my son (he's four so he colors dinosaurs), trying to play catch up with my favorite television shows, and as a major nerd reading manga and watching anime. Some adultish activities I do include gardening, baking and when it's warm I become picture crazy and relatives suddenly get envelopes with a hundred pictures of my son and fat fluffy cat. I am very spoiled but it's not my fault my husband just can't say no to my pathetic begging. I don't exploit it…too much. I live in Vermont where's its cold so I deserve spoiling (cold is not my friend) and he loves me too much to say no.

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Dreaming of demons Francheska Fifield

A short story about a young woman that receives a calling in her soul. one that pushes her to find demons that wish to repent and free them from their shackles. she will feel love, loss and the death of those she loves. But no matter how hard you try you cannot escape destiny.