D.B. Green


D.B. Green was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. He writes serial print drama - urban fantasy thrillers with a cliff-hanger twist. He is the author of the ground-breaking novella series, MERIDIA FALLS, and he likes to ask one question: Do you believe in magic?

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The Spark: A Meridia Falls Fantasy Thriller D.B. Green

“10 years ago, I watched as my sister was dragged through a mysterious white door that stood alone in a forest. My mom, stepdad, and an army of shrinks tried to convince me it was my dad that had taken Cassie. They told me he’d taken us hiking in the forest, intending to kidnap us both. That he dragged Cassie, kicking and screaming, into the trunk of his white car. That I got away and my mind invented the whole stupid door business to cope. Eventually, I believed them. My dad is on death row, where he belongs. My sister? I never saw her again. Now, I want to forget and start over. No one knows me in Meridia Falls. It’s time for a new beginning, a new horizon - and a new Logan Collins..." THE SPARK is Book 1 in the alternate timeline spanning, MERIDIA FALLS Urban Fantasy series.