C. E. Hammock


C. E. Hammock holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology/Sociology (Drury College, 1991), and Master of Arts degrees from Southwest Missouri State University (Religious Studies, 2001); and the University of Missouri: Kansas City (English Literature, 2008). In recent years, he has turned his attention to fiction writing, with a particular interest in the genres of Magical Realism, Supernatural, Literary Fiction, Fable, and Gay Male Fiction. Other interests include:: Modern Poetry and Jesus Studies. He is unmarried and has no children, and currently resides in Springfield, Missouri.

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Gaze C. E. Hammock

Brent finds a book of baby names at his boyfriend’s doctor’s office. After his boyfriend Hank receives poor news, the book sparks tensions between them and bitter feelings emerge. Short story; literary fiction, gay male, AIDS. 2400 words.


Freak Show Exhibit C. E. Hammock

Mr. M and his wife Mrs. R host their cultured friends for an evening of fine dining and stimulating conversation when something abominable come down the chimney and ruins their refined evening. Short story; satire, humor, monster, creature, comedy of manners. 2500 words.


Art Work C. E. Hammock

In the title story, an eccentric art collector uses the smooth skin of his beloved youth’s back to create artwork with a whip. In a bonus story, “The Miraculous Birth,” the birth of Josh of Buffalo is attended by heavenly signs and an unusual press conference. Short stories; mild S&M, bondage, whip / Satire, humor, poop. Word Count: 1190 / 1170


Sheepy Takes a Tumble C. E. Hammock

While trying to get some honey to put behind his ear for his friend Bunny to lick, Sheep takes a tumble down a hill and ends up in a precarious situation. Short story; children’s story, animal story, sheep, rabbit. 2050 words.