Auri Blest


Auri Blest is the author of scifi, dystopian and urban fantasy, thriller novels. Her first novel, The Dawn is launching as part of a series which includes The Day of Awakening, The People of the Prophecy and The Cell.

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The Dawn (For fans of the Hunger Games and Divergent...) Auri Blest

I am one of the few children born after the day of awakening. My name is Hannah, and I am being hunted... The people that found me have become my new family, but that comes at a cost. They risk everything to keep me protected. The new world government calls us insurgents. They have left those living in this seemingly deserted metropolis few choices: Pledge or be eliminated, hide or be eliminated, fight or be eliminated. Heaven has sanctioned our survival and has sent a warrior to combat the evil forces at work against us. A terrifying battle to save humanity will prompt a sequence of events that no one could imagine and define the greatest love that one can have for another.