A.J. Schmitz

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The Death of Marianne A.J. Schmitz

Going crazy or being stalked? Rebecca isn't sure. And which is worse: ending up in a straitjacket or a pine casket? Neither option seems like a good destiny? She left behind the life she knew, her friends and family, even her identity. All to escape the terrible reality of what she’s done. For six long years, her past has haunted her thoughts and dreams. Now it's invading her reality. Or is it only her imagination? Footsteps in the night, unlocked doors that she’s sure she bolted tight, and the song that won’t go away. Why won’t anyone believe her? Who can she turn to when danger approaches? She will need to summon the courage to quiet the voices in her head and take matters into her own hands. All before a cold-blooded killer gets his hands on her.