A. F. Stewart


A. F. Stewart is a writer of speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, horror) and an author of such books as Horror Haiku and Other Poems, the Killers and Demons series, Fairy Tale Fusion, and Ruined City.

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Fairy Tale Fusion A. F. Stewart

Fairy Tale Fusion What if the characters in Fairy Tales were real? What if they lived in Fairyland, a place not too dissimilar to ours, next to Wonderland and down the street from Camelot? Come follow the exploits of Detective Piper of the Fairyland Metro Police, the Fairy Tale News updates and more cracked characters taken from the world of childhood. When you are done dancing with Cinderella and her cronies, open the lid of a very scary toy box to find where children’s nightmares begin... and end, badly. Welcome to Fairy Tale Fusion. Where things get messy in the Riding Hood.