A.C. Rose


A.C. Rose is a New York sex and relationships columnist. She also writes very steamy romance novels.

As a former editor of an iconic women's entertainment magazine, sexy stories and beautiful men have long been her beat.

Most of her novels take place in her beloved New York and feature love and sex in the city, or heroines who hail from her hometown.

Has real life provided fodder for her fictional worlds? She'll never tell. Her new book, AROUSAL, will be out this winter.

Read her "Hot Romance" column at: http://thethreetomatoes.com/category/love-sex/hot-romance

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Sexy Caveman A.C. Rose

He’s gorgeous, commanding, and hard to resist… and he aims to win her heart with a marathon of pleasure. This passionate younger man/older woman romance is a 7,000 word short story that sizzles on every page. A thoroughly modern New York woman meets a hot, gorgeous Alpha from a far-away-land. They clash. They argue. And then he scoops her up and carries her off to bed. He’s so handsome she can’t take her eyes off him. He’s sweet, too. And the sex… it’s off the charts. The challenge? She has no intention of falling for a younger man. However, the Caveman will go to great lengths to claim her. See who wins the pleasure marathon in this super steamy, charming short story about finding true love in a surprising package. FOR READERS 18 AND OVER.



In FALLING HARD FOR FIFTY, author A.C. Rose followed her own "fangirl" curiosity to take a deeper look at why many of us became so passionately addicted to the love story between Christian and Ana -- and what made them so addicted to each other! We, like Ana, fell for Mr. Grey -- the brilliant, breathtakingly handsome, Alpha, self-made billionaire. His sexual skill and romantic devotion made us tingle. He's been melting panties around the planet for several years. But there is "more." Woven into the story are brilliant enticements for all the senses and romantic situations to stir our hormones, grip our hearts, and capture our minds. Book includes interviews with top authors, psychologists, fans--and an insight from EL James--in this tribute to the sexy book that stole our hearts.