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I'm Steve Savage. Author, Agile Practitioner, Project Manager, and Professional Geek! Glad to meet you!

What do I do? I create books to help people do more and create more and understand more. Such as:

CAREER BOOKS FOR GEEKS - You've got your geekery, you've got career potential!

CREATIVITY - Helping you dream more - and making it a reality.

CULTURE STUDIES - Let's understand our geekery together!

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Her Eternal Moonlight - Sample Steven Savage

(This is a Sample of the full book) To many people, especially those who joined the fandom in the late ‘90s, Sailor Moon is synonymous with anime. The show burst onto North American televisions like a supernova of color and character, bringing all things Japanese front and center in Western consciousness – and creating a devoted fandom that persists to this day, changing the lives of young girls and women. But just why did this magical girl phenomena have such deep, abiding impact on so many female fans in North America? Why did it succeed when the odds seemed stacked against it, and why does this love persist? Join authors Steve Savage and Bonnie Walling as they take you on a tour of just how powerfully Sailor Moon affected the girls and women who discovered it. Taken from interviews


Sex And Worldbuilding: 50 Questions For Creatives Steven Savage

Creating fictional worlds also means populating them - but how does the population keep populating? At some point you're good to have to look at your setting and ask, bluntly, just how sex works for the people and creatures you created. This can be incredibly complicated in our own world, let alone a newly imagined setting! This book is a helpful series of 50 questions, as well as follow-up exercises and more, to help you think about sex in your setting. From mental development to social diseases, the definition of maturity to the role of senses in reproduction, there's plenty of questions to get you to think. It's having a worldbuilding coach in one handy guide! So it's time to talk about sex and the worlds you make!