Shawnee Small


#1 in Urban Fantasy, #1 in Paranormal Suspense, #1 in New Adult & College Fantasy

Shawnee Small is the bestselling author of Watcher and the Shining Ones series.

Drawing on inspiration from her life abroad, as well as, her time in the Goth subculture of the '80s and '90s, Watcher was published in February 2012. After a writing hiatus, Protector was released in 2016 with the follow-up book, Betrayer, published in January 2017. Destroyer, the final book in the Shining Ones saga, is due out Spring 2018.

Shawnee’s brand new paranormal series, The Night Kind, launches 2018.

She is currently working on several projects including a book of short stories based on '80s hits and a new gaslamp fantasy series.

Shawnee lives in Virginia with her husband.

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Love Like Blood (a Night Kind Novel) Shawnee Small

Rose has never had a good day. But then petty drug dealers seldom do. Rose Taylor is on a mission - sell double her normal amount of gear to prove once and for all that she's a capable soldier to her psychopathic drug boss, Ivan. There's just one problem. She's running out of time. In a desperate maneuver, Rose chances selling drugs in a rival night club, but it goes badly and she's caught. Unable to go back empty-handed, she makes a bargain with Felix, the thug that thwarted her in the first place: she will give him whatever he wishes if he gives back the drugs he took. But what started out as a simple business transaction unwittingly becomes something more as Rose struggles with her feelings for a man she should hate. But Felix has secrets. Secrets that could ultimately put Rose's