Sara Claridge


Sara Claridge writes contemporary romantic suspense. Born in West London, she inexplicably moved to France several years ago on a whim.

When not writing at her desk in the eaves of an old farmhouse, she can be found in the garden. Usually with a glass of red wine in one hand and a good book in the other.

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French Retribution Sara Claridge

Avenging a stolen heart is a deadly affair. Evie Madison’s life changed irrevocably the night her necklace was brutally taken. Ten years later, the opportunity to steal it back is too good to miss. But agreeing to pose in Antibes as the fiancée to the man she vowed to hate forever just to keep the ruby pendant might not be her wisest decision. When fate places the woman he once loved back in his arms, Raphael Dauphin doesn’t hesitate to take advantage. The last time he laid eyes on Evie, she’d been wrapped around his old adversary. Now he has her exactly where he wants—embroiled in his lies and back in his bed. Retribution has never felt so good…until Evie’s past catches up.


French Restitution Sara Claridge

She’s chasing stolen money…He’s pursuing her heart. Love is an illusion—or so it seems to Madeleine Smythe. Temporarily stranded in rural France chasing down her mother’s live-in lover and the money he stole only confirms her suspicion. But when an enigmatic Frenchman comes to her rescue, Madeleine can’t deny the sparks of desire he inspires. Despite a tragedy in his past, Jean-Luc Delacroix still believes in love. Although he’s had little chance to find it, caught between work and managing his wayward sister. Until the captivating Madeleine crosses his path. As the danger posed by her mother’s boyfriend escalates, every instinct tells Jean-Luc to protect her with all the power his vast wealth can muster. But Madeleine has other plans. Who knew Frenchmen were so hard-headed?


French Restoration Sara Claridge

Chantal Chevalier is determined to win the interior design contract for Chateau Vauquelin, if only to stop wealthy hotelier Alex Kirkwood from destroying its magical splendour and turning the place into a bland playground for the rich and famous. Alessandro ‘Alex’ Kirkwood has put all he has into the chance to turn the rundown chateau into a luxurious getaway just outside Paris. Son and heir to the Kirkwood Hotel Group, all eyes are on him—to either sink or swim. When Chantal crosses his path instinct tells him not to get involved. But something in the vivacious French interior designer calls to him. As strange incidents at the chateau bring back memories Chantal has hidden away since she was a girl, Alessandro can’t help but be drawn into discovering the truth behind them.