Raymond Dean White


Raymond Dean White was born in a small town in Kansas and lived an adventurous life, hunting, fishing, trapping and tracking, backpacking, spelunking skiing and mountaineering until he got older, wiser, and married. A lifelong avid reader, he writes what he loves to read--fast-paced, action-adventure stories complete with intriguing characters, a touch of humor and a bit of information thrown in on how to prepare for emergencies. As a hyperactive ten year old (who, even then, loved to read) he stumbled onto Andre Norton's "Star Man's Son" and his lifelong love affair with apocalyptic fiction was born. Now retired, he writes terrorist thrillers and apocalyptic action/adventure novels, all of which are coming soon as eBooks and in print from CreateSpace. His writing style has been heavily influenced by Louis L'Amour, Stephen King, David Brin, Frank Herbert, JRR Tolkien and Elmore Leonard to name but a few. Note that he isn't comparing himself to those great authors, just saying he's learned from them. He has also written one non-fiction book titled "How I Got Published: Famous Authors Tell How In Their Own Words" which details their (and his) adventures in traditional publishing. That book (co-authored with Duane Lindsay) is currently available here on Amazon. If you are a budding author interested in traditional publishing it can inspire you to keep trying. Please visit his website at www.RaymondDeanWhite.com and sign up for his free newsletter.

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The Dying Time: Impact Raymond Dean White

Preppers and Fans of apocalyptic fiction novels like The Stand, Lucifer's Hammer, The Postman, Swan Song, Sedulity, Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse and The Perseid Collapse Saga will love The Dying Time: Impact. When the Impact destroyed civilization and re-sculpted the globe the only survivors were the hastily expanded crew of the ISS, who watched the devastation below with growing horror, while wondering if they would ever get to go home, a few Preppers, whose stores of food and other commodities made them irresistible targets and the desperate hordes who would do anything--eat anyone--to live.