Paul Summerhayes


Paul Summerhayes is an Australian author, reader and family man. When he is not balancing the important things in life; family, eating pizza and his addiction for wargames and books, he is delving into the fantasy and strange worlds that swim around in his head - a dark and dangerous place and not for the faint hearted. He writes primarily in his own book worlds, but sometimes he is disguised as a freelance writer in other people’s.

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The Texan and the Egyptian Paul Summerhayes

The Texan and the Egyptian A Sky Fire Chronicles Short Story (Prequel) The Texan and his Confederate friends’ job was simple. Buy weapons for the war effort and transport them home—but nothing is ever that easy. On a ship in the middle of the Atlantic, the people around the Texan start vanishing. Why? And is the mysterious Egyptian woman involved? Will the Texan be her next victim? The Sky Fire Chronicles is a fantasy series set in America during the late 1800’s.


The Shadow Over Number 9 Paul Summerhayes

This is a short story set in England during World War 2 (1943). At a time when families and countries were being torn apart by conflict, two young boys, Thomas and Charles, escape the devastating London bombings and together, discover the mysteries of an old house in the country...