Melissa Devenport


I was recently convinced to take the big leap and publish some of my books. For a long time this was just something I did to drift away to my own parallel reality of dreams. But one thing led to the next and here we are...

Today I have a few books published by a real publishing company. It's a truly amazing feeling. The latest out is 'Cuffed & Dominated' and you can find it here:

To celebrate this I decided to share the story about how I lost my virginity in high school. Little did I know that the guy would later become my husband. I was pretty innocent back then. He was not.

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Always Rock Hard Melissa Devenport

Her ex-boyfriend suddenly returns to the old neighborhood for a large show with his new band. He has finally gotten the big break most people never saw coming. The groupies are ready to devour him whole, but he still only has eyes for her.