Lila Kane


Lila Kane is a full-time author who thrives on steamy scenes and hot insta-love. She lives in the Rocky Mountains where the views are picturesque and inspire stories of alpha men and feisty heroines.

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Burned (Keeper of the Flame Book 1) Lila Kane

Willow Donnelly can’t stop catching things on fire. When she’s enticed to come to the small town of Shadow Hill, she thinks she’s going to get answers about her new powers as a witch. Instead, she’s stalked by a vampire and a shapeshifter tries to run her out of town. She doesn’t think things can get any worse until she realizes she’s part of a decades-old spell that makes it impossible to leave town. Not only that, she’s falling for two paranormals, and one of them isn’t telling her the truth. Sexy and dangerous vampire Logan wants her to end the spell, and quiet and steady shapeshifter Ryan will do anything to protect her from Logan—and from undoing the spell. Willow is torn. Try to keep the spell intact and save her friends and the town from chaos, or end the spell and get answers to a


Fiancee for Sale Lila Kane

I wasn’t supposed to be dumped weeks before my wedding day. Not only have I lost my dream come true, but I’m also massively in debt because of all my wedding purchases. So what’s a girl to do? Easy. Sell the wedding. I put my dress, the venue, even the damned centerpieces up for sale. How was I to know the man who’d come to possibly purchase them was also looking for a bride? But I need the money, and maybe…maybe I need a little adventure in my life, too. Instead of playing it safe, maybe this billionaire is the key to turning my life around. I thought I was getting a fiancé and enough money to get me back on my feet, but I didn’t realize I might also be falling in love. ***Mild to Steamy


The Landlord Lila Kane

He’s my landlord, so it should be all business. I pay him, he makes sure my appliances run smoothly. That’s all there is. Or is it? Justin isn’t supposed to look at me the way he does. But I like it. And more, I like him. A moment in the elevator proves the attraction is on both sides. Before I know it, Justin isn’t just my landlord, he’s my lover. And things are heating up in the apartment building.   *The Landlord is a fast-paced and steamy short story with a guaranteed HEA*