Laura van den Berg-Sekac


Laura van den Berg-Sekac is an international best-selling author and life coach with more than 20 years of coaching and consulting experience in the field of self-knowledge and personal transformation. It is her passion to understand what’s going on a deeper level, and to help men and women just like you to gain self-awareness, discover their full power, and get the best out of themselves and their life.
Laura lives in the countryside of France. She adores nature, history, cats, dogs, horses, and Star Trek.
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The Switch: Laura van den Berg-Sekac

Have you ever lost your optimism and faith in yourself? And would you like to learn how to get it back? How would it feel to be able to uplift yourself when self-doubt or confusion sneaks up and paralyses you? We all have moments when our motivation is gone. This is when we need inspiration and encouraging words to find our footing, and reconnect with our sense of joy and self-confidence. The Switch is a quick guideline to empower you, and help you find the momentum to get back on track fast. In this freebie, you will: • Gain new perspective on yourself • Pinpoint your obstacles • Get insight about what’s going on in your life • Learn many practical tools to move beyond your stuck places smoothly