Justin Kauer


Who really cares about their readers? Most authors might not say it, but as you read their books, they lead you from depravity to depravity just for shock value and sales. And when you finally get through reading their books, what do you have in exchange for your hard-earned money? A list of depravities! So, who are you going to trust?

Justin loves to offer deep explorations into the basic principles that, aside from building spiritual strength through adversity, give us a pipeline to the Source of all truth. He would never tell you that you have to learn to do what's right; that's your decision, now. He only wants to point out good, strong values such as faith, charity (the pure love of Christ), hope, steadfastness, etc. that can easily, comfortably, and completely be added to your life to give you a much more powerful outcome. God loves everybody. Justin only passes that message along in ways that are naturally accessible to anyone.

Born in Idaho, where the blue skies are still blue, Justin Kauer grew up a country boy? From June to September, he hardly wore shoes or a shirt as he explored the local Snake River wild areas. After high school, he represented Christ as he served a two-year mission in the Washington, D.C. area, with nearly a year spent in inner city D.C. There he learned Spanish and a deep respect for others and their respective cultures. Upon returning from his mission, he returned to his studies at Rick College (now BYU-Idaho) and then went on to ISU. Justin is a father of three, all boys, and has worked with the youth of his church for more than 15 years, teaching them about Christ, His work here on earth, and how the Plan of Salvation applies to each of us.

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The Magic of the Pewter Ring Justin Kauer

Far beyond foresight, this just might be the start of a good, long relationship! You don't have to get in on this powerful new movement now. In fact, would you be surprised if I told you to get this book only if you're completely insightful to the extent that this movement will become a life-changing experience? In "The Magic of the Pewter Ring", a man owns a simple pewter ring that is traditionally given to the oldest son of the family for a wedding band. A madman obsesses over stealing that ring on rumors of it being imbued with magical powers. Will the psychopath stop at nothing? Will the rightful owner lose the ring and the tradition for posterity, or is murder in the cards? Only the discerning reader will click below and start on this journey into unknown levels of honest delight!


The Legend of the Slave King Justin Kauer

As we each begin our individual quests in life and try to figure out who we really are in our heart of hearts — who it is God knows we may become — most are given a name by which we will be known throughout our lives. So, what's in a name and what happens when it is lost? An old king teaches of Alban, a prince sold to slavers. Though his captors give him a name, he struggles for the memory of who he is. Because of his memory loss, rumors fly in the camp that he may be the Slave King of whom it was foretold. Alban toys with the idea only to find out whom to trust. Especially when the slave company owner's girl crosses his path and sparks begin to fly! Still, visions and the longing to do God's will emerge. Who betrayed and sold him? Who is he? Is he the Slave King? Please leave a review.