Jessica Dale


Jessica Dale has been a human resources administrator, mental health counselor, business owner and college professor. She now enjoys writing romantic suspense stories with a psychological twist, which will make your spine tingle in more ways than one!

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Ripples of Evil Jessica Dale

With strange fainting spells rattling James Fitzgerald’s sense of identity, he seeks solace at his country home, once owned by his parents. But instead of a relaxing getaway with friends, he walks into a bloodbath. And a cryptic message on a shower curtain points to him as the killer. Carrie Johnson is hiding in the Virginia woods to escape an abusive husband. But her attempt to isolate herself is confounded by her attraction to her only neighbor, James Fitzgerald. Virtually under house arrest and struggling to resist his attraction to Carrie, James distracts himself by investigating his parents’ backgrounds, seeking an explanation for the fainting spells. Instead, he discovers some shocking truths about his family and himself and wonders if he should have let sleeping ghosts lie.