J.S. Menefee


J.S. Menefee is a prolific ghostwriter, now venturing into writing a paranormal urban fantasy series. He has an upcoming book on how to get started ghostwriting, as well.

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3 Easy Outlines for Ghostwriters J.S. Menefee

As a ghostwriter, you’re paid for the volume of writing you do. When you take on a freelancing contract to write a book, the single biggest way to increase writing speed—and therefore income—is to outline the story. With a good novel outline, you know exactly where to begin, you know the ending, and you know the steps in between. Once you see how to outline your novel well, and do it fast, you’ll wonder why you ever doubted it. I promise you, outlining doesn’t kill your creativity unless you want it to. Outlines can be changed. There, I said it. They aren’t locked in stone, so don’t listen when people tell you they are. As much creativity goes into creating an outline as it does going into the actual writing. You’ll merely see plot holes before you waste 6,000 words on a scene that is fun


Odd Behaviors - A Rephaim: Bloodlines Short Story J.S. Menefee

Alan thought Iraq was bad... At least in Iraq, he knew who was shooting at him. Working private security in Philly was supposed to be a cake walk compared to the Sandbox, but Alan quickly learns it isn't all noise complaints and parking violations. Something is going on, something odd--and possibly fatal. Now he has to flee for his life and his freedom--but can he find out who is behind it all, before it's too late? Odd Behaviors is the exciting first short story in a supernatural urban fantasy series. If you like thrilling encounters on every page, memorable characters, and a mystery to unravel, then you'll love J.S. Menefee's Rephaim: Bloodlines shorts, and upcoming novels. Experience the impossible today!