J.A. Clement

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The Black-Eyed Susan J.A. Clement

A short story from the world of the "On Dark Shores" fantasy series. Ten years before the action in that novel, a ship's captain goes to Scarlock to see the moneylender Copeland, pleading for more time to pay off his debt.



The Scarred Artisan J.A. Clement

Novella-length tale as told in the novel "Song of the Ice Lord" Laerzinan: a city where art and beauty are revered. The highlight of the social calendar is the annual contest, and to compete in it against the great craftsman Imlan is the highest honour to which the merchant craftsmen can aspire. Imlan has already caused outrage by choosing a nobody as his opponent this year. Ghiblin, the toymaker from the town square must take on three challenges to invent new and cunning artefacts. He only has a limited amount of time for each one, but who is the talented young lady with the scar that Imlan has sent to help him? And together, can they beat Imlan at his own game? They are about to find out....