Emma Haven


Emma Haven writes stand-alone Erotic Romance amd Erotica with elements of BDSM, menage, suspense, and mystery – sometimes all at the same time. All books are entirely stand-alone, and no books are part of a series. Each story is a unique journey through two (or more) characters blossoming (or raging) relationship. No cliffhangers. No series. No 500,000 word commitment to find out whether they will or won’t. Just one hot story from beginning to end.

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Arousing Anika: A Light BDSM Erotic Romance Emma Haven

Anika is in for a wild night as Alexander lovingly demands that she strip down and place herself completely in his hands to prove her trust in him once and for all. After arriving at a hotel with her fiance for what Anika thinks will be a romantic holiday, Alex presents her with bonds and demands that she show him that she really does have complete and total trust in him despite her harrowing past. Anika adores Alex and wants to submit, but can she overcome her demons and give him the assurance he demands, or will Anika lose Alex forever?