Edwin Torr


Edwin Torr grew up listening to tales of terror and nightmare whilst playing in the ruins of a Victorian zoo which kind of explains why everything he writes comes out a little… dark. He lives in the Northwest of England with his wife, children and Jack Russell terriers and loves running, playing traditional music and exploring old graveyards. Books available on Amazon

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Blood, Bone and Coffin Edwin Torr

Tom Coffin, Specialist Funeral Director, is not a detective but he’s used to handling unusual cases. He’s put vampires and zombies back in the ground and stopped grave-defiling ghouls from satisfying their depraved appetites. When Tom is called to a sleepy English country village to settle an old man who has risen from the grave, he stumbles into something much more sinister and bigger than he thought. Aided by the skeptical Sergeant Quinn, Tom must uncover a sinister secret that has lain rotting at the heart of the communtiy for years.This is a prequel to the stories in the Dead Means Dead series available on Amazon.