E L Russell


My wife and I have published close to 30 Short Stories and Novels. Our writings, high concept science fiction and mystery techno-thrillers, reflect our eclectic interest in the impact technologies impose on individuals and social groups. My latest research has resulted in a series of novels and short stories about the ability to re-program inheritable genetic code, curing disease through self-healing, waging war, and acquiring immortality.
Our protagonists, powerful women scientists, medical researchers, are members of the next human species, Homo Evolutis.
We publish through Entanglement Publishing.

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Critique Circle E L Russell

This is a Flash Fiction, a 640-word story that offers a humorous insight into a writer's critique circle where work is shared and constructive comments made. If you write or plan to, make joining a critique circle one of your top priorities. Please note that none of the characters in this story represent any respectable writers I know.


The Commitment E L Russell

In The Commitment, a humorous tale of a loving wife, Alice, is forced to decide how she will deal with the imminent reality of her husband's death which includes several unexpected new possibilities and opportunities.


To Find a Thief E L Russell

Flash Fiction, 500 words. This story is about a purse snatcher who picked on the wrong lady too often. The media and police almost treat her as badly as the thief. In the end, she finds her own solution. I hope you enjoy it.


Science Fiction Shorts E L Russell

This is a collection of science fiction Short Stories and Flash Fiction of people dealing the consequences of genomic engineering, intended or natural. • The Stop • To Find a Thief • Sniper – POV • Bottoms Up • Critique Circle • The Commitment • The Story of Sarah and Hagar • The Beginning of the End • The Night We Lost Cleveland


The Seeker - Finna's Quest E L Russell

While Finna battles in the crusades for Eleanor of Aquitaine, a time traveler kidnaps her to fight in a feudal war across the galaxy. THE SEEKER – Finna’s Quest, is the first novel in a seminal series that pre-dates all of our published stories. Follow Finna on her thousand-year mission to lay the foundation for the emergence of Homo Evolutis. Pursued by assassins and mercenaries, her hair-raising adventures take her across Arabian deserts, Mediterranean ships, and into caves on Crete. Unaware that the voice in her head keeps her alive on several occasions by resetting the timeline. Finna and her warrior companions fight to survive and save the earth from destruction.


Onset - Chloe 1.0 E L Russell

OnSet, a five-star first book of three in the Cohort Series of science fiction, high-tech, mystery thrillers is about Chloe Russo's quest for discovery through genomic engineering that will change medicine and the course of human development. As a wheelchair-bound graduate medical researcher, her legs paralyzed in a cycling accident, she discovers secrets of the genome to unlock the mystery of human evolution and immortality. Her awakening and emergence to a new human species, Homo Evolutis, leads to life-threatening persecution by the government and paramilitary factions that want to weaponize her new powers. With the help of her evolving cohort, specifically Dr. Michael Kregg, a gifted psychiatrist, Chloe works to elude dark forces and use her research for the good of mankind.