D. B. Martin


I am a ten times published author, writing across three genres, psychological thriller fiction, literary fiction and Young Adult fiction, including two award-winning books, Patchwork Man and Chained Melodies. I am currently working on an adaptation to screen of a recently written, but as yet unreleased thriller.

Two of my published books are with the BBC and a TV production company for adaptation to screen. I also teach creative writing and publishing. In 2014 I was Chair of the Wantage (not just Betjeman) Literary Festival and still provide occasional workshops, classes and talks for this, and other writers groups. You can see some of the courses I am due to teach in 2017 here on my website:


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Patchwork Man D. B. Martin

For fans of Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train and Apple Tree Yard: Renowned British barrister, Lawrence Juste, is a man with a past so cleverly stitched together he thought it could never come unravelled - until now. Two things are about to pick it apart, piece by sordid piece: a child, and a blackmail note from a woman hiding as many secrets as him. As Lawrence’s world collapses in a twisting spiral of lies and revelations, in the wreckage he finds a child who reminds him sinisterly of himself, and a secret even he wasn’t aware of. For him, and the child, the repercussions could be lethal unless he can find the dead woman who knows everything about him, it seems, and stop her repeating it – even from the grave. Patchwork Man is the winner of a BRAG Medallion Award.