DJ Jamison


DJ Jamison grew up in the Midwest, where she was the living embodiment of the phrase “red-headed stepchild.” Growing up in a working class family, DJ was determined to create a more secure future by graduating from college and was the first in her immediate family to do so. As a bookworm, though, DJ secretly always wanted to be an author. She went on to work in the newspaper industry for more than a decade, which came in handy when she began her first m/m romance series centered on a small-town news staff and their love connections. When she’s not laboring over her works of fiction, she reads copious amounts of books on her phone. She’s married with two sons and three glow-in-the-dark fish that are miraculously still alive.

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Earning Edie DJ Jamison

Pressured by management, columnist Nick Espinoza is desperate to win over the hearts of readers -- and Edie Mason's story is a perfect start. He isn't prepared for the fall-out that follows or for the lonely graduate to have so much spunk. Confronted by his mistakes and consumed by guilt over his past, Nick finds himself opening his home -- and his heart -- to Edie. But can he ever come clean about his past and truly earn Edie's trust without losing everything?