Christien Frances


Christien is a native South African who lives in Johannesburg with her husband, two boys and two very inquisitive cats.
Her love for reading started at a very early age and she started writing her own books at age 14. Her first stab at writing was Slave of Love (of course the innocent version at that stage) and has been a work of love ever since. She write a variety of books from time-travel, historical pirate, contemporary and sci-fi and hope to publish more of them.

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Slave of Love Christien Frances

“First of all I will damn well do as I please with you. I am your master, I brought you, I own you. You have no rights what so ever. If I want to look at you I will, whenever and whenever I want to, if I want you as a plaything, I will play with you. You will bear my child and you will stay here!” How will she survive under the rule of this ruthless dominant male?