Charles Harris


Best-selling author, martial artist and award-winning writer-director, Charles Harris is also one of Britain's most respected script consultants, having co-founded the first screenwriters workshop in the world, London Screenwriters Workshop. Now Euroscript, it has become one of Europe's most valued script training and consultancy organisations for film and TV.

His debut novel The Breaking of Liam Glass, was published by Marble City, June 2017 and has featured repeatedly in Amazon's genre best-seller lists, including #1 for satire Hot New Releases.

Charles Harris has won international awards for his documentaries, dramatised documentaries and his debut feature film, Paradise Grove. He has had short stories nominated for awards and his non-fiction work includes the best-selling Teach Yourself: Complete Screenwriting Course (John Murray) and Jaws in Space (Creative Essentials). Both are recommended reading on MA screenwriting courses.

He is also a sixth Dan in the martial art of Aikido.

He lives in London with his wife. They have two cats, who currently live with them, and two sons who currently don’t.

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