Cecily Anne Paterson


Cecily Anne Paterson writes realistic fiction for girls. She's an Aussie who grew up as an ex-pat in Pakistan, living in the desert, and going to boarding school in the Himalayas. These days she lives with her family in a tiny tourist town in New South Wales, Australia, where she's sad that she doesn't get to eat a lot of curry. She loves writing, reading and sewing. She tolerates fitness and average TV, and she despises cooking and cleaning.

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Love and Muddy Puddles (A Coco and Charlie Franks novel Book 1) Cecily Anne Paterson

Thirteen year old fashionista Coco Franks has finally made it into the popular group when her dad decides to move the whole family to the country so they can 'bond'. Social death is looming, her shoes are covered in mud and all Coco wants to do is get herself back to her city friends. After all, things can't get any worse, right? It'll take a boy with no dress sense and totally hick boots, and a contrary horse called Cupcake to bring Coco to her senses. But it might just be too little, too late.