Broderick Durisseau


30 year-old guy who's been through a lot. Lots of personal development workshops attended, books read, videos watching and growth experienced.

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Powerful Personal Growth - 10 Hand-picked Blog Posts on Personal Development Broderick Durisseau

The following are a collection of 10 articles (5 bonus!) hand-picked from around 100 I've written. Some of them are on currently, but some are as far back as 8 years ago (but still are relevant today). Let me know what you think! Shoot me an email at Discovering Hidden Beliefs About Identity The Secret Commentary is Better Than the Movie 8 One Day I’ll… From Weight Loss to Good Health Overwhelmed? Persistence Desire To Make Straight A’s in College How To Make Straight F’s in College Breaking Point How to Find Answers How To Get Around Without a Car Let the Lifestyle Lead Just Do It Guess and Go