Belinda M Gordon


Belinda M Gordon was born and raised in Pennsylvania and currently lives in the Pocono Mountains area with her wonderfully supportive husband, her thoughtful easy-going son, and two delightful dogs.

She is of Irish heritage, which is how she became interested in Celtic Mythology. She used the Celtic Mythology, specifically of Ireland, as the starting point of her Romance/Fantasy series, The King's Jewel.

Belinda also enjoys photography, fashion, music, dancing and a good mystery. You will find these influences throughout her writing

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Xander's Folly Belinda M Gordon

Xander spent most of his life exploring his mother's disappearance. When new clues surface that suggest she's alive and waiting for him to find her, he must decide what he's willing to risk to get his answers. Tressa longs to accept Xander's proposal of marriage, but as evil fae surface around every corner, she must choose between putting him in constant danger—or letting her soul mate go. Tressa and Xander want a peaceful life together, but will their destiny make it impossible? As the King’s Jewel, Tressa is destined to save her people—but at what cost? When the Sword of Light brings out Xander's violent side—can he break the hold it has on him? If you like drama, romance, and plots with twists and turns, this book is for you!



Turning Point - A Short Story Belinda M Gordon

Holly has vowed never to lay eyes on her abusive husband again. When he comes up on trial for murder, both sides pressure her to testify for them. Holly must choose between keeping her vow or succumbing to her family's wishes. Set in the world of The King's Jewel Series, between Tressa's Treasures and Xander's Folly (contains minor spoilers for Tressa's Treasures)


Tressa's Treasures Belinda M Gordon

If you love fae mythology, romance, suspense, and drama get this book now! Tressa is a Sidhe in hiding. Happy with her new life in the Human World, she becomes engrossed in the human drama around her. When evidence surfaces that unfriendly fae may be nearby Tressa is surprised to learn many fae still believe she is the King’s Jewel of an ancient prophecy. Will the evil fae find Tressa in her place of refuge? If her enemies should find her, can she protect the people she loves? And what part does the dark eyed stranger and his daughter play in her future? Above all- is it possible that, even after losing faith in her destiny, she will guide the Sidhe race back into heaven’s good graces?