Athena Grayson


Athena Grayson writes romantic fiction about quirky, original characters in a variety of settings from science fiction of the distant future to contemporary otherworlds right alongside our own. She likes kickass heroines, big-brained and sexy beta heroes who aren't afraid of strong women or their own feelings, and stories that turn the genre tropes sideways. If you're looking for something a little unexpected, a little more, and a lot of fun...this is your kinda place.

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The Chase: Huntress of the Star Empire Episodes 1-3 Athena Grayson

Getting him in handcuffs was the easy part... Treska Sivekka is known as the Huntress — the Union's most skilled bounty hunter. She knows no other life than capturing the treacherous psypaths whose mental abilities pose a security threat to the government she loves and serves. When she captures Micah Ariesis and claims the bounty on his head, her mission will be complete. But every scumbag in the star system wants a piece of Micah, and she's got to keep the last psypath out of their grubby claws—and out of her own mind—long enough to get him back to the Capitol. Even if his abilities might hold the key to unlocking her own missing past. If you like fast-paced action, satisfying romantic tension, and breathtaking sci-fi worlds, then you'll love Athena Grayson's sizzling space opera.