Ashley Merrick


Ashley grew up on Cape Cod, MA and now lives in a seaside town half-way between Boston and the Cape. Her first paid writing work was in college when she wrote the obituaries and birth announcements for a local paper. That led to more creative writing--radio commercials and in recent years, some food blogging and writing for a Cape Cod newspaper. She loves all things food related and has always been an avid reader, across many genres, romance, mystery, suspense, paranormal and of course, historical.

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Julia Ashley Merrick

When Julia unexpectedly loses the accounting job she loves, and is unable to find another position doing anything in Boston, she decides to take her best friend Emma up on her offer to come to Montana. Emma's husband Ethan has eight brothers and one of them, Liam, has his sights set on Julia. Liam seems almost too perfect, but then Julia discovers the secret that he struggles with. Will she stick with him?



The Youngest Donovan Ashley Merrick