A.M. Van Dorn

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The Wildes of the West #1 The Daughters of Half Breed Haven A.M. Van Dorn

Four Races, One Father, Enemy to Outlaws, Desired by All... With sharp wits and guns blazing, the fair-skinned Cassandra, Asian Lijuan, mulatto Honor Elizabeth, and Mexican Catalina-The Daughters of Half Breed Haven, were a force to be reckoned with as they fought and loved their way from the deserts and streets to the bedrooms of 1870’s Arizona. The Daughters of Half Breed Haven is the first installment of a female lead novel series, The Wildes of the West, where action, sibling suspense and bawdy romance combine in this female adventure novel forming a tale worthy of the wicked Wild West. Please be advised The Sister’s escapades, be it braving the sometimes-violent west or their romantic escapades are recommended for readers, who like the Wildes, are 18+ years of age and above.